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Sex, Drugs, & Ritual:

The Magical Records of Aleister Crowley Part 2

The Magical Record Of The Beast, being the second act in the journal begins on December 26th of 1919. This section of the journal sees a different writing style and perhaps it is wholly due to the change of location and company that we see the writings take on more general ideology, but with longer entries. Gone are the short updates of the former section, and now we see a lot of philosophy and more references to Thelemic practices in depth. If I had to place it in modern terms, the first section of journals read more like a tweet, whereas this section shows entries that could be a blog post....

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The Literature

Episode 3 mini clip sneak peek

The Cult of 


I'm talking about this bizarre cult out of Lambeth, London that was busted in 2013. Also known as The Lambeth Case, it consisted of the leader and his wife, four women and a fifth woman who had been born to one of the original cult members and raised her entire life in captivity. This cult was in operation for well over 30 years and was based on Maoist/Marxist indoctrination and an abundance of mind control that warped the members sense of reality. 

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