Join host Melissa for discussions on the occult, paranormal, and pop culture. 

The show has an amazing flow of guests with unique perspectives on the paranormal and the occult in modern pop culture and through history.


Guests include authors, paranormal investigators, folklorists, hypnotherapists, lecturers, witchcraft practitioners, film artists and more joining us to give you perspectives unique to our secret realm.Tune in every Friday for a show that not only entertains with occult humour, but explores the realm that lies beyond the secret door. 



Melissa Martell

Occult Research~Practitioner~ Artist ~ Writer ~ Host

Melissa's paranormal interest began very young as she was born in a haunted hospital and lived in an old haunted victorian house on the east coast of Canada. The stories of ghosts and folklore and the practice of spirituality in her long line of ancestry always fascinated her. 


In 2015 she took her skills as a graphic designer and applied them to The Curious Fortean magazine, and then began to write on the paranormal for the online Blog.  In 2016 she helped co-found The Folklore Podcast with folklorist Mark Norman, working on the design and behind the scenes. In 2018 she embarked on her first podcast with a co-host, and then decided to go it on her own in 2019, creating Secret Door Podcast. 


Melissa has a vast interest in how thoughts and emotions effects our lives and spiritual practices. She also has begun embarking on research into family ghost folklore, a topic that fascinates her. Looking at trends in families and how the paranormal gets passed down.  Another area Melissa likes to discuss is cult operations in the paranormal and spiritual realms. Exposing them is a big job and she loves it as a topic. 

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