Episode 22:



Ron joins the show today to talk about Malvern Manor, the folklore, history and the reported paranormal experience. We talk a little about the history of Ron's interest in paranormal and then he gives us his tour of the Manor, as he would if he was narrating us through the actual location. 

Ron has been investigating Malvern Manor for several years after he was introduced to it through the television show Paranormal Lockdown. He knows the location like no other and has done countless paranormal investigations on this location. He also runs his paranormal group Shadows Redemption on Facebook. Be sure to listen to the show to get in on some of the creepy happenings at Malvern Manor. 

Ron's Episode


Keith LIINder: Author & Poltergeist Experiencer

Episode 21:


"True Haunted House story - 2012 Keith Linder after successfully obtaining a management position at a prestigious healthcare company decides the time is right for him and his girlfriend to move in together. That's putting things lightly. Weird things begin to happen within days of moving into the modern suburban home. The horrors Keith and his girlfriend witnessed and desperately tried to fight off would end up putting them at odds with members of the paranormal community and themselves. This griping story, told from the house occupant point of view not only lists tales, but also includes pictures, video reenactments, commentary, and audio of the events being reported.


Keith Linder does not ask that you believe him. He only asks that you listen. The Bothell Hell House has finally arrived ladies and gentlemen. The house that Zak Bagans and his team came to investigate (albeit for a short time) only to leave empty handed has come full circle. The house occupant tells his story. The complete story which includes why Zak and crew left empty handed. Spontaneous fire outbreaks and inexplicable wall writings are not the most horrific things that happened here. Something more sinister lurks." 

-From Amazon Bio





Leticia Martinez/Zita Oliveria: Research Assitance & Occult Studies

Episode 20:


Leticia A. Martinez and Zita Oliveria were involved unknowingly in an online cult with a leader whom goes unnamed in their guest episode. Both women are well educated and were educated in respects to cult leaders, but got slowly manipulated into an inner core group where they would personally interacted with the ZOMBIE WITCH DOCTOR. 

Leticia works in media and research and has a good history of occult research and practice. She operates her own independent media company and this is how she got in connection with said cult leader, acting as a promoter of his brand. 

Zita Oliveria worked as an independent entrepreneur for many years and became interested in the occult and spiritual after an OBE experience. She came across said cult leader as a friend only and was pulled into a web of abuse and manipulation. 



Jason Gleaves: UFO Researcher and Photo Analysis Expert

Episode 18:



Jason is retired from the Royal Airforce, where he worked in British aerospace and airbus divisions. Gleaves has had strange and unexplained encounters with what would be deemed as UFOs at various stages of his life.; Both his career and personal experiences have served to help him to fuel his research on UFOs. Jason helps people around the world by analyzing photographs of unknown encounters and help the affected come to closure on their experiences.  He has written about UFO photography analysis in his first book, UFO Photos, and in his second book, Ufology Umbrella, he discusses the different "Close Encounter" categories that fall under the vast term of UFO. 

Jason's Guest Episode is HERE





Eva Venarri: CEO & Founder Of The Elevate Institute

Episode 17:

How Health & Wellness Effects Spirituality & The Paranormal

Eva Vennari is the founder and CEO of The Elevate Institute, a cutting-edge health coaching firm specializing in empowering driven professionals to take charge of their body and their health. She is the Creator of REVEAL Optimal Health Intensive that lets you understand exactly what your body needs to heal and rejuvenate so you can continue bringing your vistion to the world. Through coaching and retreat experiences one can create lasting shifts for higher quality of life that far outlast the time invested. She joins Secret Door Podcast to relate how a paranormal experience helped her on her journey to being healthy and balanced. 

Eva's Guest Episode is HERE



Kieran Woodhouse: Investigator/Author/Lecturer

Episode 15:

An Introduction To Paranormal Investigations with Kieran Woodhouse

Kieran Woodhouse is the author of the newly released An Introduction To Paranormal Investigations. He regularly lectures across the UK on paranormal investigations, his evidence and how people can get started. He has a very logical approach to the field, however has himself had paranormal experiences as a child that influenced his belief that there is something out there that we can't see, but we experience as fleeing paranormal events.  

Kieran's Guest Episode is HERE



Paul Bestall: Mysteries & Monsters Podcast

Episode 14:

Analyzing Poltergeist Experiences With Paul Bestall

Paul Bestall is the founder and host of Mysteries & Monsters Podcast. His love of the paranormal and forteana came from poltergeist experiences he had as a child. He lived in a rectory from the 1700's, where after his father exhumed an old headstone and grave of a four year old little girl, poltergeist phenomena began to occur.  Paul not only currently hosts his podcast, but he researches extensively on poltergeist and hopes to publish his works one day.  Please check out his links below. 

Paul's Guest Episode is HERE





Dorothy Martell: Amethyst Divination

Episode 13:

The Dark Entity:

A Frightening Experience With A Dark Presence

Dorothy Martell is a practitioner of cartomancy, tarot and magical divination, some might even call her a witch. She was born on the east coast of Canada to a family that cut their teeth on magical traditions and practices. 
For the past eight years, Dorothy has been on an ever evolving rediscovery of her natural powers with divination. This journeys lesson has included using the long forgotten tools taught to her by her family as a little girl, namely the practice of cartomancy. The more discoveries that have been cross on her magical path, the more it has strengthened her to the calling of teaching and connecting through magical practices. 

Dorothy's Guest Episode is HERE



Adele Casales Rocha: Author & Paranormal Researcher

Episode 12:

Paranormal Portals: Tragedy & Trauma Create Paranormal Experiences

 Adele Casales Rocha is a freelance screenwriter, amateur travel photographer, paranormal researcher and former field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network. She starred under the name “Elisa Simon” in episode two of the pilot Discovery Channel’s “UFO’s Over Earth” in 2008 and has been a guest in Rick Scouler’s Topic: UFO radio show. She has been a school counselor for over 20 years.

Adeles latest work is the book,  Portal: A Lifetime of Paranormal Experiences. She explores in her new book, with over 40 paranormal accounts, how trauma and tragedy creates a tear into our world that allows other beings to come through these tears, or portals. 

Adele's Guest Episode is HERE




Hypnotist Jonathan Royle Of Brick In The Wall Media

Episode 11:

Mind Control, Mass Hypnosis Of Society & How To Wake Up From The Zombie State Of Mind. 

Jonathan Royle is widely regarded as the world’s leading expert on Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Stage Hypnotism, Magic & Mentalism. With a wide and varied career in both entertainment and therapy, Jonathan has carved an incredible reputation and fame around the world. 

Extreme Danger Extreme Hypnosis is a feature length documentary that brings to light the many ways in which we the public are being mind controlled and hypnotized on a daily basis. World renowned stage hypnotist Jonathan Royle awakens you to the vast mass hypnosis & mind control that many are still sleeping under….It is time for the sleep walking zombies to wake up before it truly is too late. 

Jonathan's Guest Episode is HERE




Kieran Begg Of The Paranormal Guys

Episode 9:

30 East Drive, Pontefract Poltergiest

Kieran has been a paranormal enthusiast since childhood after listening to many paranormal experiences from his father.  Kieran himself hasn't claimed to have experienced an actual ghosts of sorts, but keeps an openly skeptic mind when it comes to investigations.  He currently lives in the Somerset area where he started investigating under the group Torchlight Paranormal. He now runs an investigation trio with his long time partner Jessica and friend Chris. They have recently investigated infamous locations such as The Ancient Ram Inn and of course 30 East Drive.  Be sure to check out their YouTube channel where they release live videos and documentaries. Links Below.

Kieran's Guest Episode HERE




Kyle Yates Of Pitt Paranormal Texas

Episode 7:

Pitt Paranormal: Tales of An Investigator

Kyle Yates formed Pitt Paranormal in Texas with his wife, whom he met through a strange circumstance involving paranormal research.  They have a group of curious researchers that go to a variety of locations around the United States to prove or disprove preturnatural experiences.  Kyle also runs his own podcast on Spreaker talking to a variety of guests on the paranormal and he begins each day on his Instagram page, not with paranormal news, but with a dose of positivity quotes and insights to help him and his viewers with their spirituality.  Please visit Kyles links below:

His Guest Episode is HERE

Ashley Thorpe Of Carrion Films

Episode 5:

Borley Rectory

A Carrion Film

With Ashley


Ashley Thorpe was born in Inverness in 1972 yet grew up in Devon. After studying Fine art / Film in Canterbury Ashley relocated to Manchester where he worked for the BBC; simultaneously working in equipment dispatch and doing freelance graphics on such productions as the 'Fortean times' inspired 'Weird Almanac' 2002 (for producer Gerard Barry). By 2003 he was pursuing illustration in London where aswell as a number of commissions for Headpress / Critical vision publishing Ashley also did the odd bit of freelance TV graphic work for productions such as Derren Brown's 'Trick of the mind (including exterior graphics on the Arcade machine for the controversial 'Zombie arcade game' episode Episode #2.4 2005). 

Carrion Films is a group of filmmakers dedicated to celebrating the neglected aspects of British folklore and British gothic. Spearheaded by Devon based writer / animator / illustrator Ashley Thorpe, Carrion Films was born during the production of the award winning animation ‘Scayrecrow‘ (2008) – his love letter to Hammer horror and the tales of the English Highwaymen.

Ashley Thorpes show is HERE

You can find out more about Ashley and Carrion Films and stay tuned for Borely Rectorys Blu-Ray release on the follow links:

Gary Parsons Of Thelema Films

Episode 3:

Dracula: Celebrating 122 Years Of The Novel

Gary Parsons is an MA film graduate from Goldsmiths College London who specializes in short films. Utilizing both, elements of the surrealist genre and images of the occult, these films are both beautiful and at times disturbing. They also tap into the verisimilitude of the erotic and the unconventional.

Gary has been influenced by film-makers such as Jan Svankmajer, Kenneth Anger, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Luis Bunuel, Hans Richter, Man Ray and Jean Rollin. All these elements meet within a melting pot to find visual references within the work.

The films can be viewed in many different ways, as straight forward narrative pieces but also as ritual film as demonstrated by similar film-makers such as Maya Derren or even as music promo video. The films stand as an ongoing obsession of their maker as an overall understanding of the human psyche within certain specific landscape

Gary's guest episode is HERE

Visit Gary Online At:

Andrew D. Gable Of Forgotten Darkness Podcast

Episode 2:

Jack The Ripper

An Overview

Andrew Gable has been into forteana since his teenage years, this habit of collecting and recording stories eventually surfaced into a lifelong passion where Andrew would write several books on forteana topics and host his own podcast Forgotten Darkness. 

Andrew has written on several strange and forgotten crimes from history and he joins us today to talk Jack The Ripper.  If you want to know more about Andrew or listen to his podcast visit the link below.

His guest episode is HERE

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